We Are Family.

My name is Brian Napier, Im a good ol boy from Kentucky with a very strong work ethic and a passion for anything and everything to do with jeeps. It all started when I was 16, my dad gave me a 1995 Jeep wrangler YJ for my first car. It had a mild lift, 33 inch tires, white wagon wheels, custom bumpers, a 4cyl engine and an automatic transmission. He quickly took it back when he realized I would get in trouble with it. It didn’t matter though, I was hooked. As the years went on I have owned several jeeps, a 1954 willys, a few CJ7s, a couple YJs and even a Cherokee.  Currently I wheel a 1980 CJ7.

 I formed Living Jeep in October of 2018 to help bring fellow jeep owners together. I wanted to create a laid -back peaceful environment for people to communicate, give back and interact without all the judgment, fees, regulations and requirements that most groups have. There are two different sides to Living Jeep, the non-profit group side and business side. The non-profit group doesn’t cost anything to be apart of, you don’t have to participate in any events and the only requirement is to love your jeep and the jeep lifestyle. After all that’s what Living Jeep is all about. Over the last 2 years the group has been on several 4 wheeling rides, we’ve been in parades, volunteered at festivals, adopted a highway, held fundraisers and have donated to several hospitals throughout ky and Indiana. As far as the business side goes we offer an affordable clothing line for men, women and children. Our future plans are to open a fully functional repair and customizing shop with a fully showroom to hold all of our products within the next couple years.

Brian Napier